Longtown Sound 1690 Gospel SING!

Longtown Sound 1690 Gospel SING! Featuring The Gatlins, Ferlin Husky, Elvis Presley, Conway Twitty, Guy Penrod, Chris Rice, Blackwood Brothers Quartet, Josh Turner and Anne Murray. Click the links below […]

Longtown Sound 1689 Flour Power Hour!

Longtown Sound 1689 Flour Power Hour! Featuring Paul Sachs, Dexter’s Kin, Danny Django, Joe Pug, May McDonough and Co., The Great White Caps, Tim Blane, Elvis, Folding Mr. Lincoln, Kerry […]

Longtown Sound 1688 Tuesday!

Longtown Sound 1688 Tuesday! Featuring Sarah Beth Keeley, Mark Taylor Jr., The Krickets, Woody Windham Show, Steely Dan and Bobby Bare. Click the links below to visit the artists. Thanks! […]

Longtown Sound 1687 Monday!

Longtown Sound 1687 Monday! Featuring Brandi Carlile, Son of Levi, Mark Cote, Assembly of Dust, Carrie Ann and the Apocalyptics, L.A. Carpool, John Batdorf & James Lee Stanley, Nees and […]

Longtown Sound 1686 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1686 Weekend! Featuring Aaron English, Jeff Kossack and Syd Straw, All Rise, Andrew Cole, Michael Heaton, Jackson Cage, Jason Harrod, Beth Fitchet Wood, Billy Mata, Amer Diab, Sarah […]