Longtown Sound 1777 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1777 Weekend! Featuring Tim Gleeson, Mike Whitney, Waylon Jennings, T Hardy Morris, Arthur Buck, Jack Marton, Dan Sheehan, Aaron English, Joseph Eid, Robert Morgan Fisher, Sugar & The Hi Lows, PineTop Lightning, Ian Thornton Band, Plunkett, Nathan Wiley.

Click the links below for more artist info. Thanks!
Tim Gleeson – Call My Name
Mike Whitney – The Way
Waylon Jennings – Dreaming My Dreams
T Hardy Morris – Homemade Bliss
Arthur Buck – I Am the Moment
Jack Marton – Nothing To Pretend
Dan Sheehan – Black Gold
Aaron English – Afande (Policeman)
Joseph Eid – The Rock
Robert Morgan Fisher – Oughta Be a Highway
Sugar & The Hi Lows – Skip the Line
PineTop Lightning – Jericho
Ian Thornton Band – Nothing Seems the Same
Plunkett – Sun Shines
Nathan Wiley – Old Familiar Things

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