Longtown Sound 1771 Weekend Power Hour!

Longtown Sound 1771 Weekend Power Hour! Featuring Bo Bice & Blood Sweat & Tears, A. Shine, Belladonna, Jack Falk, Jack Tempchin, Chris Jones, Mike Whitney, James Dunn, Jess Penner, Jeff Gordon, Kati Mac, Jason Sinay, Patty Mattson, Kevin Burdick and Emily Hearn.

Visit the artists in the show by clicking on the links below!
Bo Bice & Blood Sweat & Tears – And When I Die (LIVE)
A. Shine – Sky
Belladonna – If I Was God
Jack Falk – Wake Up Call
Jack Tempchin – Tumbleweed
Chris Jones – The Battle of the Bands
Mike Whitney – Important to Try
James Dunn – Oak Tree
Jess Penner – Building Heaven
Jeff Gordon – Old Feeling Feeling New
Kati Mac – Can’t Find My Way Home (feat. Jeff Golub)
Jason Sinay – Gimme The Time
Patty Mattson – My Heart Needs Something New
Kevin Burdick – Camelot
Preacher Stone – Come Together
Emily Hearn – Rooftop

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