Longtown Sound 1764 Year End Review!

Longtown Sound 1764 Year End Review! Featuring Michael Tomlinson, Gregory Alan Isakov, Jesse Terry, Eli Paperboy Reed, Amy Stroup, Sawdust & Rust, Jim Lauderdale, Dawn Landes, Darryl Gregory, Wily Bo Walker, Preacher Stone, Kate Lush, Russ Vesci, John Batdorf.

Click the links below for more artist info. Thanks!
Michael Tomlinson – Winter Ride
Gregory Alan Isakov – The Stable Song (with the Colorado Symphony)
Jesse Terry – Dance In Our Old Shoes
Eli Paperboy Reed – My Way Home
Amy Stroup – You Make the Cold Disappear
Sawdust & Rust – Caroline
Jim Lauderdale – Time Flies
Dawn Landes – Traveling
Darryl Gregory – These Days
Wily Bo Walker – Chattahoochee Coochee Man
Preacher Stone – Southern Hospitality
Kate Lush – River Flow
Russ Vesci – Too Hot
John Batdorf – Home Again

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