Longtown Sound 1727 Pancake Wednesday!

Longtown Sound 1727 Pancake Wednesday! Featuring Chuck Jackson, The Night Move Band, John Batdorf & James Lee Stanley, David Wilcox, Copper Box, Jess Penner, Five A.M., Elvin Bishop, 8 Ball Aitken, Alexa Carter, Jeff Ronay, Jeffrey Gaines, Thomas Scott Pearce, Ivory Tower Project, Nees and Vos, Paul Thorn.

*** Wednesday’s Playlist ***
Chuck Jackson – Any Day Now
The Night Move Band – Six Pack
John Batdorf & James Lee Stanley – As Tears Go By
David Wilcox – Modern World
Copper Box – Take a Picture
Jess Penner – Built To Break
Five A.M. – Just Say Anything
Elvin Bishop – Oklahoma
8 Ball Aitken – Yellow Moon
Alexa Carter – Ballerina
Jeff Ronay – Slipping Away Again
Jeffrey Gaines – Bjorn Toulouse
Thomas Scott Pearce – Burn the Crack House Down
Ivory Tower Project – Burning
Nees and Vos – Burn Me Down
Paul Thorn – Burn Down the Trailer Park

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