Longtown Sound 1699 Monday, Monday!

Longtown Sound 1699 Monday, Monday! Featuring Swamp da Wamp, The Chestertons, Hunter and Tara, Tell Her I Love Her, Mark Taylor Jr. Band, Randy Coleman, Kate Lush, Michelle Featherstone, May McDonough and Co., Antigone Rising, Terry Holder, Erin McKeown, Carly Ritter and Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements.

*** Monday’s Playlist ***
Swamp da Wamp – The River
The Chestertons – To Rescue Me (Choir cover)
Hunter and Tara – Garden
Tell Her I Love Her – Die Tryin’
Mark Taylor Jr. Band – As I Lay Me Down
Randy Coleman – Goodbye Renee
Kate Lush Band – River Flow
Michelle Featherstone – Silverlake
May McDonough and Co. – Riverside
Antigone Rising – Call Me Crazy
Terry Holder – To Love Her
Erin McKeown – Instant Classic
Carly Ritter – I Am Here
Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements – You Loved Me Better

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