Longtown Sound 1661 Weekend Power Hour!

Longtown Sound 1661 Weekend Power Hour! Featuring Foreign Fields, Lisa Coppola, Miggs, Gavin Jones, Jessi Teich, Natalie Brown, John Batdorf, Joseph Eid, Robert Morgan Fisher, Sugar & The Hi Lows, PineTop Lightning, Ian Thornton Band, Plunkett and Nathan Wiley.

Click the links below for more artist info. Thanks!
Foreign Fields – In Hiding
Lisa Coppola – Can’t Make Sense of Your Crazy
Miggs – Moving On
Gavin Jones – Twisted
Jessi Teich – Hold It Down
Natalie Brown – Queen Of Me
John Batdorf – That Don’t Seem Right to Me
Joseph Eid – The Rock
Robert Morgan Fisher – Oughta Be a Highway
Sugar & The Hi Lows – Skip the Line
PineTop Lightning – Jericho
Ian Thornton Band – Nothing Seems the Same
Plunkett – Sun Shines
Nathan Wiley – Old Familiar Things


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