Longtown Sound 1632 Tuesday!

Longtown Sound 1632 Featuring Russ Vesci, Christopher Leigh & the Boogie Chillens, Moby MK II, Mitchell Fewell, Rabble Rousers, Robbie Ducey Band, Scott Weis Band, Suspects, Supersuckers, Super 400, Three Rivers Crossing and Sour Owl

Russ Vesci – Too Hot
Christopher Leigh & the Boogie Chillens – Goin Down
Moby MK II – Soulpilot
Mitchell Fewell – Change the World
Rabble Rousers – Travelin’ Blues / Woke Up This Morning
Robbie Ducey Band – Lay The Hammer Down
Scott Weis Band – Hurricane
The Suspects – Wonderful Terrible Thing
Supersuckers – Breaking Honeys Heart
Super 400 – Green Grass End
Three Rivers Crossing – Cottonmouth Blues
Sour Owl – Saddest Of All Keys

Music from a New Dimension,