Longtown Sound 1249 Weekend Edition

Featuring Kati Mac, Jason Sinay, Patty Mattson, Kevin Burdick, Preacher Stone, Brandi Carlile and Trent Dabbs.

Longtown Sound 1249

Click the links below to visit the artists in the show!
Kati Mac – Can’t Find My Way Home (feat. Jeff Golub)
Jason Sinay – Gimme The Time
Patty Mattson – My Heart Needs Something New
Kevin Burdick – Camelot
Preacher Stone – Come Together
Brandi Carlile – Hard Way Home
Trent Dabbs – Me and God


  1. New Site – new podcast – new weekend! We (I) missed you while the site was down, Unc, but it was well worth the wait! Bring it on!


  2. Mother!

    I am glad to get security under control here but I got a LOT of mileage out of that 7 year old software!
    Now in process of creating an accessible archive for the past 5 years. Wish my brain cells good luck…

    This IS nice!



  3. Wonderful to have you back, Unc. Saturday mornings tunage was thoroughly enjoyed. Have a great weekend♥


    1. ♥ Happy, happy, joy, joy… okay, yeah…
      I am really pleased and will be more so when the archives get loaded up. Glad you liked the music.



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