Longtown Sound 1567 Monday, Monday!

Longtown Sound 1567 Monday, Monday! Featuring Aaron English, Michael Tomlinson, Meghan Cary, Mark Wayne Glasmire, Frances Luke Accord, Hotels & Highways, Emerson Hart, Bellglide, Loo Wood, Lori Lieberman, Robbie Dupree, Maree McRae, Maria Daines and Wayne Perkins.


Click the links below for more artists info. Thanks!
Aaron English – Lovers in the Red Sky
Michael Tomlinson – Wild Horses Run
Meghan Cary – Building This House
Mark Wayne Glasmire – Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
Frances Luke Accord – All But Gone
Hotels & Highways – Meant to Be
Emerson Hart – If You’re Gonna Leave
Bellglide – Go Ahead
Loo Wood – James Bond
Lori Lieberman – Killing Me Softly
Robbie Dupree – Lucky
Maree McRae – It’s A Shame
Maria Daines – Save Yourself
Wayne Perkins – Mendo Hotel

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