Longtown Sound 1548 Pancake Wednesday

Longtown Sound 1548 Pancake Wednesday Featuring – Dean Agus Band, Abe Quigley, Heath Fagen, Amer Diab, Brad Hammonds, Jackie Barnette, Mike Coykendall, Sandra McCracken, Jeff Ronay, Sleeping At Last, Ally Way, Judd and Maggie, The Kicks, The Damnwells and Lisa Bianco.

Longtown Sound 1421 Pancake Wednesday

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Dean Agus Band – Worlds Apart
Abe Quigley – Ride Through A Lifetime
Heath Fagen – I’m Not Colorado
Amer Diab – Orphan Keys
Brad Hammonds – The Story Of A Man Who Lost Everything
Mike Coykendall – Glass Shelters
Sandra McCracken – By Your Side
Jeff Ronay – Call Me After Three
Sleeping At Last – Side By Side
Ally Way – Seed of Love
Judd and Maggie – There You Are Here I Am
The Kicks – Juliette
The Damnwells – I’ve Got You
Lisa Bianco – Sideways

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