Longtown Sound 1480 Flour Power Hour

Longtown Sound 1480 Flour Power Hour Featuring Wayne Mills Band, The Divorcees, Gary Nichols, Robbie Dupree, Tower Of Power, Rebecca Owen, Downtown Money Wasters, BELLADONNA, Eric Erdman, Jim Armstrong, Gory Bateson, Mark Cote, Loo Wood, Son of Levi and The Be Good Tanyas.

Visit the artists in the show by clicking on the links below!
Wayne Mills Band – Blame It On The Roses
The Divorcees – After the Storm Is Gone (feat. Angela Desveaux)
Gary Nichols – Going Fast
Robbie Dupree – Secret Love
Tower Of Power – So Very Hard To Go
Rebecca Owen – Ain’t Living Long Like This
Thomas Lee & Downtown Money Wasters – Homemade Sunshine
Eric Erdman – Bird On A Powerline
Jim Armstrong – Cardboard Retreat
Gory Bateson – There’s Nothin’ Happenin’ Here
Mark Cote – Love Is Everything
Loo Wood – Two Wheeled Horse
Son of Levi – It Goes On
The Be Good Tanyas – Human Thing

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