​Longtown Sound 1406 Classic Indie Pancake Wednesday

Featuring Phil Ayoub, Lily Sparks, Chris DeMarco, Maree McRae, Nick Daugherty, Sean Faust, The Big I Am, The Nadas, Jim O’Keeffe, FeelGood, Elizabeth Tryon, Kris Bell, Aaron English, Andy Kim, Julian Bachlow, Nadia Kazmi and Goose Creek Symphony.

Visit the artists in the show by clicking on the links below!
Phil Ayoub – Bad Habits
Lily Sparks – The Girls
Chris DeMarco – One By One
Maree McRae – Finally
Nick Daugherty – Jamie
Sean Faust – Mountains
The Big I Am – Banging on the Wall
The Nadas – Long Goodbye
Jim O’Keeffe – Keep On Waiting
FeelGood – Goin’ Nowhere
Elizabeth Tryon – Walk By
Kris Bell – Grey
Aaron English – Anthem
Andy Kim – Judy Garland
Julian Bachlow – Hero
Nadia Kazmi – My True Love
Goose Creek Symphony – Higher On The Mountain

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