Longtown Sound 1561 Flour Power Hour

Longtown Sound 1561 Flour Power Hour Featuring Phil Ayoub, Lily Sparks, Chris DeMarco, Maree McRae, Nick Daugherty, Sean Faust, The Big I Am, The Nadas, Jim O’Keeffe, FeelGood, Elizabeth Tryon, Kris Bell, Aaron English, Andy Kim, Julian Bachlow, Nadia Kazmi and Goose Creek Symphony.


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Phil Ayoub – Bad Habits
Lily Sparks – The Girls
Chris DeMarco – One By One
Maree McRae – Finally
Nick Daugherty – Jamie
Sean Faust – Mountains
The Big I Am – Banging on the Wall
The Nadas – Long Goodbye
Jim O’Keeffe – Keep On Waiting
FeelGood – Goin’ Nowhere
Elizabeth Tryon – Walk By
Kris Bell – Grey
Aaron English – Anthem
Andy Kim – Judy Garland
Julian Bachlow – Hero
Nadia Kazmi – My True Love
Goose Creek Symphony – Higher On The Mountain

Longtown Sound 1560 Timeless Tuesday

Longtown Sound 1560 Timeless Tuesday Featuring Alice Smith, The Brilliant Mistakes, Patti Rothberg, Inca Maya, Mike Whitney, Eli Paperboy Reed, Sheri Miller and Chris Smither.


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Alice Smith – New Religion
The Brilliant Mistakes – Good Year for a Change
Patti Rothberg – Double Standards
Inca Maya – Temple of Stone
Mike Whitney – Same Blues Different Day
Eli Paperboy Reed – One Sweet Hello
Sheri Miller – Winning Hand
Chris Smither – Open Up

Longtown Sound 1559 Monday!

Longtown Sound 1559 Monday! Featuring Sally Jaye, Foreign Fields, Casey Dubie, Sleeping At Last, Ruthie Collins, Chris Ayer, Joseph Eid, River Whyless, Chris Staig, Conor Donohue, Mikey Wax, Kail Baxley, Jack Falk Project and Jim OKeeffe.


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Sally Jaye – Leave You Alone
Foreign Fields – Little Lover
Casey Dubie – Neverland
Sleeping At Last – Next to Me
Ruthie Collins – Ready To Roll
Chris Ayer – Shoes
Joseph Eid – Take A Breath
River Whyless – Unfound Door
Chris Staig – I Can’t Get Past It
Conor Donohue – Bitter Lips
Mikey Wax – Bottle Of Jack
Kail Baxley – Don’t Matter To Me
Jack Falk Project – Cruising The Rainforest
Jim OKeeffe – No Middle Ground

Longtown Sound 1558 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1558 Weekend! Featuring Katie Herzig, Josh Garrels, Dean Fields, Sugar & The Hi Lows, Waco Brothers, Kirsten Arian, Tony Halchak, Swamp da Wamp, Stone Diamond, Soul of the River, Taylor Hicks, Simon Fagan, Severin Browne, Tammy Van Zant, Preacher Stone and PineTop Lightning.


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Katie Herzig – Say It Out Loud
Josh Garrels – Morning Light
Dean Fields – Nowhere Fast
Sugar & The Hi Lows – I Think I Said Too Much
Waco Brothers – 20th Century Boy
Kirsten Arian – Higher Than Heaven
Tony Halchak – Five Alarm Fire
Swamp da Wamp – Rock This Country
Stone Diamond – Flavor Of Tears
Soul of the River – As I Sing Here
Taylor Hicks – Nineteen
Simon Fagan – Memphis
Severin Browne – Don’t Give Up On Me Virginia
Tammy Van Zant – Freebird Child
Preacher Stone – Come Together
PineTop Lightning – Livin’ Like the King

Longtown Sound 1557 Pancake Wednesday!

Longtown Sound 1557 Pancake Wednesday! Featuring Deffie Idly, Brittany McQuinn, Soul of the River, Marc Black, Optic Yellow Felt, Son of Levi, Shelby Lynne, Sleeping At Last, DB Bryant Band, Delta Spirit, Elvin Bishop, Peter Gallway, Josh Garrels, Jenn Bostic and Eliot Bronson.

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Deffie Idly – Young Soul
Brittany McQuinn – I Wonder
Soul of the River – Yogurt Live Cultures
Marc Black – Ooh I Love My Coffee
Optic Yellow Felt – Cup o’ Coffee
Son of Levi – It Goes On
Shelby Lynne – Leavin’
Sleeping At Last – Atlas Life
DB Bryant Band – Time To Ride
Delta Spirit – Devil Knows You’re Dead
Elvin Bishop – Struttin’ My Stuff
Peter Gallway – Fast Freight
Josh Garrels – Fire By Night
Jenn Bostic – Jealous of the Angels
Eliot Bronson – Ain’t No Way To Get Home Now

Longtown Sound 1556 Weekend Power Hour

Longtown Sound 1556 Weekend Power Hour featuring Eric Erdman, The SilenTreatment, The Smith Bros., Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers, Eli Reed and the True Loves, Markeisha Ensley, Zydecosis, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, James Intveld, Buck 65, Doug Macleod, Abe Quigley and Jackson Cage.


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Eric Erdman – What’s Left Of What Used To Be
The SilenTreatment – Body Talk
The Smith Bros. – Talk of the Town
Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers – Talk of the Town
Eli Paperboy Reed and the True Loves – Walkin’ and Talkin’ (for My Baby)
Markeisha Ensley – Talk To Me
Zydecosis – Talk Dirty to Me
Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers – Why Are You Talking To Me
James Intveld – If Tears Could Talk
Jessica Urick – You Wanna Talk About Love
Buck 65 – Talkin’ Fishin’ Blues
Doug Macleod – Dubb’s Talkin’ Barnyard Blues
Abe Quigley – Tick Talk
Jackson Cage – I Ain’t Gonna Waste My Time

Longtown Sound 1555 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1555 Weekend! Featuring Brooke Waggoner, Josh Garrels, Mat Kearney, Shelby Lynne, Sugar & The Hi Lows, The Vespers, Welshly Arms, Aaron English, Inca Maya, Jamie Marshall, Wayne Perkins and Robbie Dupree.


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Brooke Waggoner – Hush If You Must
Josh Garrels – At The Table
Mat Kearney – Moving On
Shelby Lynne – Back Door Front Porch
Sugar & The Hi Lows – High Roller
The Vespers – Not Enough
Welshly Arms – The Touch
Aaron English – Norwegian Wood/Kashmir
Inca Maya – Temple of Stone
Jamie Marshall – The Tricks That Time Can Play
Wayne Perkins – Big Stratocaster
Robbie Dupree – Judgement Day