Longtown Sound 1457 Indie Power Hour

Featuring Terry Holder, Nathan Sheppard Band, The Belle Brigade, Chuck Eaton, Josh Garrels, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jon Carroll and Jim Robeson, Peter Gallway, Old 97′s, NEEDTOBREATHE, Felipe Tarantino, Riley Etheridge Jr, Brooke Waggoner, The Stacy Jones Band

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Terry Holder – Angel Without Wings
Nathan Sheppard Band – Traveling On
The Belle Brigade – Likely To Use Something
Chuck Eaton – Pretty Queen
Josh Garrels – Farther Along
Old Crow Medicine Show – Marching Through Georgia
Jon Carroll and Jim Robeson – The Letter Home
Peter Gallway – Hello Stranger
Old 97′s – Longer Than You’ve Been Alive
NEEDTOBREATHE – Keep Your Eyes Open
Felipe Tarantino – Going To California
Riley Etheridge Jr. – Roll Away The Stone
Brooke Waggoner – From The Nest
The Stacy Jones Band – Waitin’ On Love

Longtown Sound 1456 Gospel SING!

Featuring Chris Rice, Karen Peck and New River, The Cathedrals, Tommy Coomes Band, The Hoppers, JD Allen, Marlene Pelt and Mark Dean

Proverbs 4:23 (KJV)
Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. 

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Chris Rice – The Face of Christ
Karen Peck and New River – Sustaining Grace
The Cathedrals – Victory in Jesus
Tommy Coomes Band – Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
The Hoppers – Count Me In
JD Allen – Heaven is My Home
Marlene Pelt – Cleft of the Rock
Mark Dean – The Greatest Love

Longtown Sound 1455 Indie Power Hour

Featuring Janice Minette, Weird Naked Indian, Frank Palangi, Gary Nichols, Chuck Eaton, 8 Ball Aitken, Kim Richey, Trent Dabbs, Amer Diab, Kelly Carpenter, Vintage Blue, Among Savages, Michelle Featherstone, Max Carmichael, Tony Deziel, The Kelly Richey Band and Kindred Souls.

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Janice Minette – Home to My Heart
Weird Naked Indian – Bright Idea
Frank Palangi – Hope
Gary Nichols – Say Goodbye
Chuck Eaton  – This World Our Home
8 Ball Aitken – Destroying The World
Kim Richey – Breakaway Speed
Trent Dabbs – The Way We Look At Horses
Amer Diab – The Devil Is a Trucker
Kelly Carpenter – Waiting
Vintage Blue – Unchained
Among Savages – Start at the Beginning
Michelle Featherstone – You’re Not Alone
Max Carmichael – Nightcrawling
Tony Deziel – Something
The Kelly Richey Band – One Day We’ll Feel The Sun
Kindred Souls – Justify

Longtown Sound 1454 Indie Power Hour

Featuring Wes Tucker and the Skillets, Kris Bell, Eli Reed and The True Loves, Whiskey River Band, Chuck Eaton, Riley Etheridge Jr, Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers, Felipe Tarantino, Flearoy, Marshall Lawrence, May McDonough and Co., Mike Whitney, Lee Alexander, Kerry Patrick Clark, Julia Sinclair, John Batdorf & James Lee Stanley and Uncleshag.

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Wes Tucker and the Skillets – Let It Ride
Kris Bell – Logan’s Song
Eli Reed and The True Loves – The Satisfier
Whiskey River Band – Don’t Be A Stranger
Chuck Eaton – Private Sky
Riley Etheridge Jr – Down To My Last Twenty Dollars
Sam Cooke & Soul Stirrers – He’ll Make A Way
Felipe Tarantino – Little Blue Lies
Flearoy – Whatever I Am You Made Me
Marshall Lawrence – I Got To Ramble
May McDonough and Co. – Red Tag Nation
Mike Whitney – Almost Made It Back Home
Lee Alexander – Soul of America
Kerry Patrick Clark – Pass It On
Julia Sinclair – Here and Gone
John Batdorf & James Lee Stanley – Paint It Black
Recitation by Uncleshag – I Am an American (Ray Cornelius, author)

Longtown Sound 1453 Gospel SING!

Featuring JD Allen, Charlotte Ritchie, Lulu Roman, Testament Trio, The Greenes, Tracy Lawrence, Daniel O’Donnell and Anthony Burger.

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JD Allen – Let Me Glorify Your Name
Charlotte Ritchie – My Fathers Angels
Lulu Roman – Seven Times
Testament Trio – When God Dips His Love In My Heart
The Greenes – When God Has Another Plan
Tracy Lawrence – Every Prayer
Daniel O’Donnell – How Great Thou Art
Anthony Burger – Softly and Tenderly

Longtown Sound 1452 Indie Power Hour

Featuring Kelly Richey, 8 Ball Aitken, Carbon Leaf, Thomas Earl, Sheri Miller, Darius Lux, The Brilliant Mistakes, Swamp da Wamp, PineTop Lightning, Preacher Stone, Timothy Harper, Elvin Bishop, Eric Hansen and Bo Bice.

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Kelly Richey -  Leave the Blues Behind
8 Ball Aitken – Love The Way She Rolls
Carbon Leaf – What About Everything
Thomas Earl – On My Way
Sheri Miller – Winning Hand
Darius Lux – Hey You
The Brilliant Mistakes – Good Year for a Change
Swamp da Wamp – Fire in the Hole
PineTop Lightning – Jericho
Preacher Stone – Livin’ Proof
Timothy Harper – Is This What You Wanted
Elvin Bishop – Oklahoma
Eric Hansen – Telephone For Tulip
Bo Bice – You Take Yourself With You

Longtown Sound 1451 Indie Power Hour

Featuring Robert Morgan Fisher, Phil Ayoub, Felipe Tarantino, Ejnefjall, Riley Etheridge Jr., Heather Stewart, The Stacy Jones Band, Soul of the River, Kelly Richey, Simon Fagan, Brandon Alan, Ironwood Rain, Doc Roberts, Darryl Gregory and Wes Tucker and the Skillets.

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Robert Morgan Fisher – Granted
Phil Ayoub – Carnival Days
Felipe Tarantino – Hey You
Ejnefjall – Million Dollar King
Riley Etheridge Jr. – Song For Amy
Heather Stewart – Had It All
The Stacy Jones Band – Ain’t Too Old
Soul of the River – As I Sing Here
Kelly Richey – Time For a Change
Simon Fagan – Won’t Let Go
Brandon McHose – Just Say When
Ironwood Rain – All I Need
Doc Roberts  – Dancin’ Shaggin’ on the Boulevard
Darryl Gregory – Prayer and Hallelujah
Wes Tucker and the Skillets – Three Yellow Roses

Longtown Sound 1450 Gospel SING!

Featuring The Happy Goodmans, Chosen Witness, Jilleen, Steven Stewart, Gene Holt, Marty and Bob Abegg, The Florida Boys, J.D. Allen

Longtown Sound 1450 Gospel SING!

Jeremiah 7:2 (KJV)
Stand in the gate of the Lord’s house, and proclaim there this word, and say, Hear the word of the Lord, all ye of Judah, that enter in at these gates to worship the Lord.

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The Happy Goodmans – The Lighthouse
Chosen Witness – Somebody’s Been Praying For Me
Jilleen – Softly and Tenderly
Steven Stewart – Nails and Thorns
Gene Holt – Holy, Holy, Holy
Marty and Bob Abegg – Be Thou My Vision
The Florida Boys – When He Was On The Cross
J.D. Allen – The Disciples Prayer

Longtown Sound 1449 Indie Power Hour

Featuring Jason Myles Goss, Eliot Bronson, Andy Zipf, Dean Fields, Loretta Hagen, Melanie Phippard, Wolf Larsen, Brandi Carlile, Wayne Mills Band, Riley Etheridge Jr., 8 Ball Aitken, Shonna Tucker, Brett Dennen, Pamela Polland, Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements and Sarah Beth Keeley.

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Jason Myles Goss – When You’re Lonesome
Eliot Bronson – Ain’t No Way To Get Home Now
Andy Zipf – Is This A Wrecking Ball
Dean Fields – Long Time Ago
Loretta Hagen – Money
Melanie Phippard – Won’t You Take Me
Wolf Larsen – If I Be Wrong
Brandi Carlile – A Promise to Keep
Wayne Mills Band – Friendly Companion
Riley Etheridge Jr. – Second Chance, Saving Grace
8 Ball Aitken – My Tank’s On Empty
Shonna Tucker – Linda Please
Brett Dennen – Darlin’ Do Not Fear
Pamela Polland – You Are So Beautiful
Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements – Night Blooming Jasmine
Sarah Beth Keeley – Be Strong