Woody “With the Goodies” Windham 7-27-16

Did you miss this morning’s show?

Well here it is in podcast form. Get you a beverage, some snacks and enjoy three hours of talk and tunes with Woody Windham and the caller, texters, visitor posts on Woody’s Facebook. Woody’s wife, Jean Windham, after she awakens, walks in with a cup of coffee to chat, or his daughter, Wendy Windham drops by.

The phone is open to callers or text between 6-9am for call in song requests, to answer the daily Trivia Question or get an education with a vocabulary Word for the Day. Visit Woody on the web and download the FREE APP.    Yeah, FREE..


Longtown Sound 1575 Monday, Monday!

Longtown Sound 1575 Monday, Monday! Featuring Kelly Richey, Michael Tomlinson, The Medallions, Sharon Knight, Shelby Lynne, Tony Deziel,Alyssa Hendrix, Great Big Sea, Batdorf & Rodney, The Little Women Band, Copper Box, Jeff Ronay, Iona Leigh and Mike Whitney.


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Kelly Richey – Time For a Change
Michael Tomlinson – My Wayward Friend
The Medallions – Buick 59
Sharon Knight – No Long Night
Shelby Lynne – Back Door Front Porch
Tony Deziel – Sammy J.
Tony Deziel – Gimme Three Steps (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
Alyssa Hendrix – Good Summer Rain
Great Big Sea – Summer
Batdorf & Rodney – Summer Of Love
The Little Women Band – Sweet Summer Kiss
Copper Box – In the Summertime
Jeff Ronay – Summertime Kid
Iona Leigh – Peaches in the Summertime
Mike Whitney – Almost Made It Back Home

Longtown Sound 1574 Flour Power Hour

Longtown Sound 1574 Flour Power Hour Featuring Tony Deziel, Guy W. Stoker, Jim Armstrong, Eric Erdman, Emerson Hart, Copper Box, Chris DeMarco, The Taters, Blake Morgan, Jim Quick & Coastline, Batdorf and Rodney, Snow Voices and Tom Jones


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Tony Deziel – Becca
Guy W. Stoker – Closing Time In Mudtown (Resting With The Lord)
Jim Armstrong – Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Grand/Angel In Our Corner
Eric Erdman – Put a Bullet Through It
Emerson Hart – If You’re Gonna Leave
Copper Box – Get Away
Chris DeMarco – That’s the Chance
The Taters – Never Call Me Here
Blake Morgan – Maybe I’m Amazed
Jim Quick & Coastline – Down South
Batdorf and Rodney – Home Again
Snow Voices – Goodnight New York
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Tom Jones – I Who Have Nothing

Longtown Sound 1573 Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour

Longtown Sound 1573 Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour Featuring Jim O’Keefe, Caroline and Hannah Melby, Chris Jones, Josh Ritter, Mindy Smith, Ten Year Vamp, Daniel Levi Goans, Pamela Polland, Anthony Rankin, Philip Masorti, Delaney Gibson, Ben Rector, Jon Adamson and Mike Whitney.


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Jim O’Keeffe – 3 Miles Down the River
Caroline and Hannah Melby – The South’s On Fire
Chris Jones – The Battle of the Bands
Josh Ritter – Rattling Locks
Mindy Smith – Love Lost
Ten Year Vamp – Making Me Want You
Daniel Levi Goans – Brother Stranger
Pamela Polland – Chimayo
Anthony Rankin – Annie’s Room
Philip Masorti – Crimson
Delaney Gibson – Careful
Ben Rector – The Feeling
Jon Adamson – Temecula
Mike Whitney – Windmill Tree

Longtown Sound 1572 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1572 Weekend! Featuring Michael Tomlinson, Sarah Beth Keeley, Sugar & The Hi Lows, 10 Years, Carbon Leaf, Brothers of the Southland (feat Bo Bice), Rene Lopez, The Taters, Tony Halchak, Kirsten Arian, Josh Garrels and John Batdorf.


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Michael Tomlinson – Breathe It In
Sarah Beth Keeley – When it Rains
Sugar & The Hi Lows – Show and Tell
10 Years – Wasteland
Carbon Leaf – The War Was In Color
Carbon Leaf – The Boxer
Brothers of the Southland (feat Bo Bice) – Can’t You See
Rene Lopez – Change It Up
The Taters – Smoke on Rt 66
Tony Halchak – All My Heroes
Kirsten Arian – Hands
Josh Garrels – Home At Last
John Batdorf – Home Again

Longtown Sound 1571 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1571 Weekend! Featuring Lee Tyler Post, Phil Ayoub, Old Southern Moonshine Revival, 3 Blind Mice, Gerry Lane, Spongetones, Alexa Carter, Aimee Mann, Rene Lopez, The Taters, The Pizza Kings, Sleeping At Last and Tony Halchak.

Photo Credit: Elaine Gardner
Photo Credit: Elaine Gardner

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Lee Tyler Post – Thunderclap
Phil Ayoub – Bad Habits
Old Southern Moonshine Revival – Kitchen Floor
3 Blind Mice – Call Me Beautiful
Gerry Lane – Hip Grinding Blues
Spongetones – Dreaming In English
Alexa Carter – It’s Too Late
Aimee Mann – Charmer
Rene Lopez – My Vibration
For Woody Windham
The Taters – That’s Me
The Pizza Kings – Drivin’ To Vegas
Sleeping At Last – Saturn
Tony Halchak – Life’s Love

Longtown Sound 1570 In Dreams

Longtown Sound 1570 In Dreams Featuring Kate Tucker, Riley Biederer, Michele D’Amour, Sharon Knight, The Taters, Allen Stone, Highway 50, Michael Tomlinson, Sleeping At Last, Dean Fields, Conor Donohue, Dick Weissman, Jim O’Keeffe and Dom Flemons


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Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden – Give Up The Ghost
Riley Biederer – Out Of My Mind
Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers – One Wave at a Time
Sharon Knight – Slipped Away
The Taters – In Dreams
Allen Stone – Where You’re At
Highway 50 – Just The Way I Am
Michael Tomlinson – Since You Came
Sleeping At Last – Emphasis
Dean Fields – Any Minute Now
Conor Donohue – Fault Line
Dick Weissman – Oklahoma (Carry All My Tears Away)
Jim O’Keeffe – Somewhere Left to Hide
Dom Flemons – Til the Seas Run Dry