Longtown Sound 1567 Monday, Monday!

Longtown Sound 1567 Monday, Monday! Featuring Aaron English, Michael Tomlinson, Meghan Cary, Mark Wayne Glasmire, Frances Luke Accord, Hotels & Highways, Emerson Hart, Bellglide, Loo Wood, Lori Lieberman, Robbie Dupree, Maree McRae, Maria Daines and Wayne Perkins.


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Aaron English – Lovers in the Red Sky
Michael Tomlinson – Wild Horses Run
Meghan Cary – Building This House
Mark Wayne Glasmire – Everything Is Gonna Be Alright
Frances Luke Accord – All But Gone
Hotels & Highways – Meant to Be
Emerson Hart – If You’re Gonna Leave
Bellglide – Go Ahead
Loo Wood – James Bond
Lori Lieberman – Killing Me Softly
Robbie Dupree – Lucky
Maree McRae – It’s A Shame
Maria Daines – Save Yourself
Wayne Perkins – Mendo Hotel

Longtown Sound 1566 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1566 Weekend! Featuring Rene Lopez, Allen Stone, Highway 50, Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers, Shelby Lynne, The Golden Hippie, Need to Breathe, Parachute, John Mark McMillan, Kindred Souls, PineTop Lightning, Preacher Stone and Thomas Scott Pearce

Photo Credit: Bobby McFadden

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Rene Lopez – Watch Me Turn It Up
Allen Stone – Voodoo
Highway 50 – Gonna Make it Anyway
Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers – Not Your Man
Shelby Lynne – Paper Van Gogh
The Golden Hippie – Smoke Signals
Need to Breathe – Wanted Man
Parachute – Jennie
John Mark McMillan – Guns/Napoleon
Kindred Souls – Can’t Make It Rain
PineTop Lightning – Fairytale
Preacher Stone – That’s Just The Whiskey Talkin’
Thomas Scott Pearce – I’m Gonna Burn the Crackhouse Down

Longtown Sound 1565 Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour

Longtown Sound 1565 Pancake Wednesday Flour Power Hour Featuring The Taters, Barnstar!, Trent Dabbs, Jim Armstrong, L.A. Carpool, 8 Ball Aitken, Paul Thorn, Rabble Rousers, Sandra McCracken, Jeff Ronay, Sleeping At Last, Ally Way, Judd and Maggie, The Kicks, The Damnwells and Lisa Bianco.


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The Taters – Do You Dream
Barnstar! – Darling
Trent Dabbs – Neil Young
Jim Armstrong – When I Kiss You
L.A. Carpool – Hang on Sloopy
8 Ball Aitken – I’m Going To Jail
Paul Thorn – I Ain’t Living In Sin No More
Rabble Rousers – Woke Up This Morning
Sandra McCracken – By Your Side
Jeff Ronay – Call Me After Three
Sleeping At Last – Side By Side
Ally Way – Seed of Love
Judd and Maggie – There You Are Here I Am
The Kicks – Juliette
The Damnwells – I’ve Got You
Lisa Bianco – Sideways

Longtown Sound 1564 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1564 Weekend! Featuring Jesse Terry & Abbie Gardner, Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers, Allen Stone, Ashley J, Riley Biederer, Sleeping At Last, Highway 50, Max Carmichael, Doc Roberts, Jay Held, Leagues, Joe Pug, Brooke Waggoner, Brandi Carlile, Paul Dempsey, Larry Patton and Chrissy Coughlin.


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Jesse Terry & Abbie Gardner – River Carry Me
Michele D’Amour and the Love Dealers – Angels All Around
Allen Stone – Perfect World
Ashley J – Dare Ya
Riley Biederer – Out Of My Mind
Sleeping At Last – Saturn
Highway 50 – The Easy Way Out
Max Carmichael – Bomba de Tempo
Doc Roberts – Cowboy Needs
Jay Held – Running Out of Time
Leagues – Magic
Joe Pug – Speak Plainly Diana
Brooke Waggoner – Daylover
Brandi Carlile – Way To You
Paul Dempsey – Man of the Moment
Larry Patton – Heart Don’t Fall In Love
Chrissy Coughlin – Do it Out of Love

Longtown Sound 1563 Flour Power Hour

Longtown Sound 1563 Flour Power Hour Featuring Highway 50, Riley Biederer, Froomador, Sharon Knight, Save The World, The Blondies, Sleeping At Last, Dean Fields, Sugar & The Hi Lows, Jesse Terry & Abbie Gardner, Foreign Fields, Amy Stroup, Chris DeMarco, Green River Ordinance, The Taters, Davie Allan & The Arrows.


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Highway 50 – Pyrite Gold
Riley Biederer – To Me And You
Froomador – Solar Energy
Sharon Knight – Let the Waters Rise
Save The World – Circus Maximus
The Blondies – Your Eyes
Sleeping At Last – Neptune
Dean Fields – Now You’re Nearly Gone
Sugar & The Hi Lows – Stubborn Lover
Jesse Terry & Abbie Gardner – Joyful Noise
Foreign Fields – I Have Your Weapons
Amy Stroup – Dark Runs Out
Chris DeMarco – Pushin N Shovin
Green River Ordinance – Don’t Give Up
The Taters – Men of the Past
Davie Allan & The Arrows – Theme From The Wild Angels

Longtown Sound 1562 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1562 Weekend! Featuring Michele D’Amour & The Love Dealers, 8 Ball Aitken, Kelly Richey, L.A. Carpool, Kerry Patrick Clark, Thomas Lee, Paul Thorn, Maggie Chapman, Eric Erdman, Alice Stuart, Maren Morris, Shoe Suede Blues, Tony Halchak, Brittany McQuinn and The Pine Hill Project


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Michele D’Amour & The Love Dealers – Too Fine a Night
8 Ball Aitken – Hands On Top Of The Wheel
Kelly Richey – No More Lies
L.A. Carpool – Do It Again
Kerry Patrick Clark – Pass It On
Thomas Lee – Homemade Sunshine
Paul Thorn – What The Hell Is Goin’ On
Maggie Chapman – Wonder Woman
Eric Erdman – Ain’t Been Right (Since You Left)
Alice Stuart and The Formerlys -Train of Love
Maren Morris – All That It Takes
Shoe Suede Blues – Ain’t Your Fault
Tony Halchak – Ragweed Summer
Brittany McQuinn – Joshua
The Pine Hill Project – Wichita

Longtown Sound 1561 Flour Power Hour

Longtown Sound 1561 Flour Power Hour Featuring Phil Ayoub, Lily Sparks, Chris DeMarco, Maree McRae, Nick Daugherty, Sean Faust, The Big I Am, The Nadas, Jim O’Keeffe, FeelGood, Elizabeth Tryon, Kris Bell, Aaron English, Andy Kim, Julian Bachlow, Nadia Kazmi and Goose Creek Symphony.


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Phil Ayoub – Bad Habits
Lily Sparks – The Girls
Chris DeMarco – One By One
Maree McRae – Finally
Nick Daugherty – Jamie
Sean Faust – Mountains
The Big I Am – Banging on the Wall
The Nadas – Long Goodbye
Jim O’Keeffe – Keep On Waiting
FeelGood – Goin’ Nowhere
Elizabeth Tryon – Walk By
Kris Bell – Grey
Aaron English – Anthem
Andy Kim – Judy Garland
Julian Bachlow – Hero
Nadia Kazmi – My True Love
Goose Creek Symphony – Higher On The Mountain