Longtown Sound 1632 Tuesday!

Longtown Sound 1632 Featuring Russ Vesci, Christopher Leigh & the Boogie Chillens, Moby MK II, Mitchell Fewell, Rabble Rousers, Robbie Ducey Band, Scott Weis Band, Suspects, Supersuckers, Super 400, Three […]

Longtown Sound 1631 Monday!

Longtown Sound 1631 Monday! Featuring Jeff Kanzler, Racine, Magic M, Rick Harrington, Mark Jungers, Mike Whitney, Natalie Valentine, Sunjack, The John Hynes Band, Julie Collings, Tim Brummett, Val Davis, Sebastien […]

Longtown Sound 1630 Friday!

Longtown Sound 1630 Friday! Featuring Allan Frank, The Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble, FREEBO, James Kahn, Beth Fitchet Wood, Doug Adamz and Art Podell. ARTIST – SONGĀ  – Buy CD […]

Longtown Sound 1629 Monday, Monday (120 min.) Featuring Judy Nazemetz, Peter Gallway, The Blue Voodoo, Doug Adamz, Lauren Adams, Allan Frank, Beth Fitchet Wood, Eric Erdman, Eric Hansen, Folding Mr. […]

Longtown Sound 1628 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1628 Weekend! Featuring Art Podell, Joellen Lapidus, Paul Arnoldi, James Patrick Morgan, Russ Vesci, The Krickets, Swamp da Wamp, Stone Diamond, Dan Reardon, Sould Out Djs Vs. Tyco, […]

Longtown Sound 1627

Longtown Sound 1627 Featuring Zydecosis, The Nadas, Adrian Heath, Sheri Miller, Two Sided Story, The Righteous Brothers, Kaiser Cartel, Donna Lewis, Corey Kilgannon, The Hillbilly Hellcats, SCATS, Heading South, Lisa […]

Longtown Sound 1626 Monday, Monday

Longtown Sound 1626 Monday, Monday (Originally aired on iWoody Radio 1/30/17) Click the links below for more artist info. Thanks! Thad Cockrell – Running Kind The Alice Project – Get […]

Longtown Sound 1625 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1625 Weekend! (originally aired on iWoody Radio) Click the links below to visit the artists on Facebook. Thanks! Mattie Safer – Wherever I Go The Damnwells – No […]

Longtown Sound 1624 Weekend!

Longtown Sound 1624 Weekend! (aired on iWoody Radio 1/13/17) Click the artist links below for Facebook pages. Thanks! ***** Friday’s Playlist ***** Theo Mattheus Outhuijse – Doves Pamela Polland – […]

Longtown Sound 1623 Pancake Wednesday!

Longtown Sound 1623 Pancake Wednesday! (originally aired 1/11/17 on iWoody Radio) Click the links below for artists Facebook pages. Thanks! The Keller Sisters – Snowflake Cafe Liza Anne – Oak […]